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We count with more than 100 professionals, offering a great variety of services to our clients.

Hotline Support

We count with a large human team to solve your every doubt and incidence. 1st, 2nd and 3rd level services over critical systems.

Payment Methods

Experts on banking protocols, inclusion with payment terminals, normative, certifications and consulting.


We take care of the reception, installation and activation of the systems to deploy. We perform “turnkey” installations.

Software Development

We manage and develop specialised retail software projects. Owned and tailored projects depending on the necessities of the client.


Experts on native mobile applications development and maintenance, as well as web apps. Enterprise and consumption distribution apps.

Waste Management

We emit a RAEE certificate of the proper destruction of the information storage physical medium.

Computerized expertise

Computer expertise service for both judicial and extrajudicial procedures.

Our Products

  • PoS-Invoice
  • PoS-Phone
  • SuHaviour
  • EMDM
  • Stock Suite


PoS-Invoiceis a software solution that allows any point of sale application to meet the requirements imposed by the administrations of the tax authorities of the Pais Vasco. This solution is approved and registered as guarantor software in the Guipúzcoa administrations and Vizcaya in compliance with the requirements of the TicketBai project. The solution has two architectures, so that the point of sale can work directly with different adiministrations or centrally and it's main characteristics are:

  • Available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, IOS and Andorid
  • Available in different artefacts: static or dynamic libraries, .NET and Java
  • Indentify the Point of Sale in the System
  • Generation, signing, registration and printing of invoices in TicketBai
  • Safe storage of invoices
  • Viewing the information required by TicketBai


PoS-Phone is a VOIP telephony software solution focused on and optimised for sales points, caracterised by its low resource consumption, the possibility to employ any switchboard that is compatible with the SIP protocol (Asterisk, Alcatel, FreeSWITCH…) and that, furthermore, does not interfere with any of the applications and services deployed on the point of purchase.

Currently the PoS-Phone solution supports the majority of the basic and advanced VOIP telephony functionalities. As its distinguishing point, PoS-Phone has been designed and optimised for such specific and heterogeneous environments as the sales points may be.


SuHaviour is a software solution designed for the monitoring of critical systems in Real Time where its main characteristic is that it presents a logic based on the behaviour of the systems, comparing the execution parameters in a time slot against another defined behaviour.

Moreover, the SuHaviour solution employs, as well, the traditional monitoring based on the direct reading of traces and the state of the system.

Enterprise Mobile Device Manager

EMDM is a software solution based on the concept of mobile device administration that covers the main functions to, in a centralised way, administer a group of mobile devices independently of its manufacturer and operating system.

The EMDM solution allows the profile and device administration under security, data and features policies; being fully integrated with the corporate systems.

Furthermore it presents the following features:

  • Policies sending and deployment.
  • Monitoring.
  • Safe erasing of corporate configuration data.
  • Device location.
  • Device information recovery.

Stock Suite

Stock Suite is a software solution in charge of gathering and inventorying the “wreck” found in a shop or warehouse, being any device or peripheral in which an agent may be deployed or simply located in the client’s internal network.

Moreover it presents the following features:

  • Location registry. Every time a new device is incorporated or changes its location, it is registered automatically in the system in real time.
  • Updated devices inventory. The location of every device, the shop or warehouse where it remains and the terminal or sales point to which it is connected is always known.
  • Device traceability. For every device we know which has been its history, where it is or where it has been connected.
  • Terminal or sales point history.

Thanks to you, we count with qualified personnel. Our Hotline team, all by itself, is in charge of supporting:


Dealt-with Centres


Installed Terminals


Monthly Interventions

Our team will help you out in every step.

With F1-CONNECTING you will have each and every guarantee to create and maintain your technological project with complete professionalism.

Our support department will answer each question that may arise to solve your doubts or problems.

From tailored developments to devices installation or certification. Our team is diverse and highly qualified so that your ideas and projects are carried out.


Client support

Registry of every communication with the client. Multichannel.


Experts on RETAIL Software: Invoicing, payment gateways and payment terminals, mobility, VOIP telephony, ensuring customer loyalty, back-end, front-end…



Worldwide brands certifications: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, CHINA UNION



Inclusion of the Sales Points with the payment terminals, gateways, backoffice.


Payment Methods

Attended and unattended Points of Purchase.