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Our Services

A professional team to offer quality services

Hotline Support

Customised User Support
  • Direct telephone contact and via e-mail
  • Direct resolution in the first call, eliminating bureaucracy
  • Low personnel rotation
  • User knowledge
    • Living with the client during the installations and “in situ” support
    • Knowledge about their business
    • Large experience about the client due to the earned loyalty
  • Measurable result
    • Clients’ loyalty in the contract renewal
    • Great service worth, as seen in the client surveys
  • Register of every communication with the client. Multichannel
  • Inclusion with the DialApplet product (more information)
  • Level of service configuration by the client
Professional System Support
  • Pioneers in the creation and definition of support services. Examples:
    • Opening guarantee in services (Electronic Fund Transfer services)
    • Tally management (Electronic Fund Transfer services)
    • Inoperable times (Electronic Fund Transfer services)
    • Log analysis
    • State revision
    • Monitoring with custom tools
  • Ability to identify weak points and perform preventive actions aimed to diminish the impact
  • Automatic task generation
  • Customised VoIP switchborad, connected to the ticketing application
Yesterday: Technical Support seen as a 'necessary evil'
arrow_leftF1-Connecting: pioneers in the evolution of Hotline Support
Today: strategical component in IT and decision making participant
Ticket tracking and resolution
  • 1st and 2nd level support in solutions as:
    • Electronic Fund Transfer (TEF)
    • Sales points
    • Electronic labels
    • Communications / Network equipment (switches, routers, balancers, firewalls,…)
    • Service offices
  • Tracking with other providers: dispatching, inclusion
System monitoring. Alarms
  • Task planning: agents
  • Verifying the compliance with the levels of service: alarms
  • Overseeing based on behavior
Periodical reports
  • By ticket type
  • Incidences …

Software Development

Payment methods settings development(more information)

Sales point
  • Development for the main national distributors
Owned developments
  • VoIP Sales Point settings solution: Pos-Phone
  • Ticketing Solution
  • Critical transactional systems monitoring: SuHaviour
  • Cisco’s network systems diagnosis and recovery
  • Mobile devices management (Enterprise Mobility Manager)
Outsourcing Service

We offer our qualified personnel for your projects and/or developments as outsourcing service, in the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • Senior Analyst
  • Junior Analyst
  • Senior Programmer
  • Junior Programmer
  • Speciality Consultant
  • Quality Assurance Technician
Areas of knowledge and experience
  • Native development Languages and Technologies: C, C++, Objective C, .NET, Java
  • Web development Languages and Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP
  • Development for payment terminals/PINPADs
  • Development for mobile terminals: iOS, Android y Windows Phone
  • Development for kiosk applications
  • Payment means development and their inclusion with other solutions
  • Certification processes with autorisation networks and banks
  • Usage of development and TEF payment test tools : Collis, Smart SPY, FIME, etc
  • Regulations and international specifications as PCI-DSS, EMV and national like PUC, PUCE, PUP
  • Sales point appliers development

Payment Means

  • + 15 years of experience
  • Banking protocols development
  • Sales points development
  • Payment terminals development
  • Apps and payment services development
  • National rules and protocols (PRICE, PUC, PUP, PUCE,…) and international ones (EMV, PCI/DSS,..)
  • Inclusion with devices from previous manufacturers (Dione, Verifone, Hypercom, Thales, Ingenico,..)
  • Banking protocols
  • Worldwide brands certifications: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, CHINA UNION PAY
  • Specific functionalities certification: Offline backing, DCC, Contactless, Cross border and online PIN
  • Attended and unattended sales points
  • Certification Processes for the payment solutions with authorisers and brands
  • Sales points inclusion with the payment terminals
  • Sales points inclusion with payment gateways
  • Sales points inclusion with back-office


Servies for mobile devices app
  • Includes payment services (PUP, PUC), tokenisation, security, QR, reporting tools, etc…
  • Client invoicing applications inclusion with payment devices, payment gateways and banks
Web services development
  • Those services are consumed among others by the service apps installed in the mobile devices
Development of Apps specific for the clients
  • In the line of the specifications and necessities of each client
Enterprise Mobility Manager
  • Apps installation and device control with our Enterprise Mobility Manager solution

Deployments - Implementations

Turnkey installations

We plan with the client the roll-out of hardware/software installations and guarantee the complaince with the committed deadlines for the centers setup.

Depending on the necessities, we can perform several simultaneous installations.

We take care of:

  • The reception in our warehouse of the devices to install
  • Devices framework and configuration
  • Real operation tests previous to the installation in the centre
  • Sending of devices to the centre and reception in it
  • Installation in the own centre
  • Opening support

We coordinate with the central services the configuration of every system and device of the centre.

We plan our interventions with the task of other providers.

We count with our own warehouse for the receptiion of the material to install.

We verify the configurations and the correct operation before bringing the material to the centres.

We install in any place of spain and Portugal.

Introduction of Software Applicants

We count with the tools for the remote software distribution.

We plan with the client the establishments to perform.

  • Dates, centres number and distribution of the aforementioned

We can participate in the support of experimental centres, we take care of:

  • Reception and testing of the applicant to introduce
  • Distribution the centres of the applicant
  • Set up and real tests
  • Post-introduction support
  • Retrieval of previous versions in case of failure, in compliance with the client indications

We coordinate with the central services the configuration of every system and device of the centre.

We plan our interventions with the task of other providers.

We set up in any place of Spain or Portugal.

Waste Manager

Physical medium destruction
  • The storage physical media are treated with the demagnetiser SV91M Degausser. Which is recognised and accepted as guarantee of that, after the application of this method, the medium is considered as destroyed and no information can be stored or retrieved.


Signed certification of the destruction of the physical support
  • We emit a RAEE certificate in agreement with the RD 208/2005 of the final waste that has been generated.


Registry of each of the performed operations
  • Every operation remains stored in a repository that can be consulted by the clients.

Computerized expertise

Computerized expertise
  • We offer computer expertise services for many judicial procedures: Civil, Criminal, Labor, Commercial, and Administrative Litigation, as well as extrajudicial: Arbitrations, Mediations and Conciliations.
  • We cover all phases of the procedure, from your commission to the judicial process, if applicable.
  • Collection and analysis of evidence, chain of custody of the same and documentation of the processes.
  • We carry out reports and expert opinions prepared by experts.
  • Registration and endorsement of the reports by the College of Informatics.
  • Forensic analysis of the affected systems and their evidence using recognized tools for any situation, mobile devices or computer equipment and systems.